Kanger Mini Protank 2


Kanger Mini Protank 2


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The Kanger mini Protank 2 is glue-free and can be easily fully disassemble-able!

New feature of an advanced glass tank has been introduced in the Mini Kanger Protank-2. The new Mini Kanger Protank-2 has been EGO threaded which will work on the EGO threaded MOD without the use of any adaptor.

Updated in Kanger Protank 2:
Stronger base
Pyrex tank is replaceable
Glue Free: All parts are replaceable
Can be fitted with 510 Drip tip

Replaceable Atomizer Heads (interchangeable with Protank 1 and EVOD)
Bottom Coil
Pyrex Glass Tank
Advertised with a 1.5ml capacity
Unlike other Kanger Tanks, the Protank is EGO Threaded and it will work on EGO thread MOD/APV without the need for an adapter
Dimensions: 3″L x 9/16″D

At the mouthpiece,a metal tube is present which ends up to the battery. So make sure no liquid travels through it during the Clearomizer refill.
While opening the atomizer’s head for refilling, the seals are opened too that can allow liquid to pass through them making it enter the center tube. So it would be best if you place a cloth around the Clearomizer to make sure the liquid doesn’t get in the mouthpiece and then the center tube.
Seepages and Burbling Noise Indicates that the metal tube has got liquid entered in it while refilling. Getting rid of the center tube temporarily, while refilling the Clearomizer, can help you solve the problem. Doing this, you have to remove the battery without discharging the tank, wrapping a cloth around the end of the Clearomizer’s battery and blow through the mouthpiece.
While unscrewing the tube, you can open the head of the atomizer of the Protank. Before placing the base of the Protank make sure that you fix the atomizer head back in place.
If you remove the Clearomizer and find some small drops of liquid in the battery area then don’t panic as it is quite normal. Keep the battery clean everytime you are about to charge it.
Always keep the tank full and don’t let it be filled with 1/3 of liquid. By doing this, the vacuum in the Clearomizer is maintained and no leakages happen.
The head of the atomizer lasts only till 10-20 days. You would know the atomizer head has expired when it starts to leak. You can then replace the atomizer head with a new one.
When possible, keep the tank full and never below 1/3 full of eLiquid (“topped off”). This helps maintain the “vacuum” in the tank and prevent leaks.
Atomizer heads have an average lifespan between 10 to 20 days. When the atomizer head wears down, it may begin to leak. Replace the atomizer head with a new one if available.

Package Contents:
1 x Kanger Protank 2 (Pyrex tank, top cap, bottom cap and EGO base)
1 x 510 Drip tip
1 x Atomizer Head for Kanger Protank


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